1. Study: Affirmative Action Stigmatizes Beneficiaries
  2. Hey ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Takers – ‘Check Your Privilege,’ Student Admonishes
  3. UPDATE: University of Oregon Drops Charges Against Student for Lame Sex Joke
  4. REPORT: Colleges Buy Special Insurance to Cover Campus Rape Scandals
  5. New Columbia Sex ‘Misconduct’ Policy Allows Lawyers, Seeks Judges For Hearings
  6. Ridiculously Unpronounceable Native American Dorm Names Debated
  7. Make A Sex Tape To Protect Yourself From Rape Allegations In California
  8. Don’t Get Consent For Sex Under Title IX Coordinator’s Bizarre Rules At Mizzou
  9. Comedy Of Errors Plagued OSU’s Response to Marching Band’s ‘Sexualized’ Culture
  10. California Imposes Abortion Coverage on Jesuit Schools, Could Lose Federal Funds

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