1. UT student government OKs resolution to boot Jefferson Davis statue off campus
  2. BREAKING: U. of Oklahoma to punish 25 frat members for racist chant
  3. U. of Delaware stands up to congressman seeking to harass climate change skeptic
  4. Sexual-assault issues win big in GWU student government elections
  5. Calif. community colleges could punish off-campus sexual assault under new bill
  6. Marine offers blunt, powerful message to all the whiny, wimpy college students
  7. Students told they cannot lampoon U.S. presidents because campus forbids ‘mocking’
  8. Protesters likely at Rick Santorum GWU speech Monday, YAF club says
  9. College Republican works to close $96,000 help center for undocumented students
  10. Group wants Princeton, other Ivy League admissions records preserved

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